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This article is divided into 4 sections, each representing a goal you might be trying to reach with a woman you're messaging.

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NOTE: Don't miss the 'Text Message Idea Multiplier' section at the end of this post. It will show you how to multiply each of these Text Message ideas by five.
1. I would say it was fun meeting you earlier, buuut... 😜

2. Let's be honest, you're like totally in love with me the most ever in the world ever, right?

3. I think I'm too much of a bad boy for you. You seem like you'd date a guy who wears like a backpack or something... am I right? 😝

4. So... I've been keeping a secret from you... (wait for response, then) I think you were a little gassy the other night when we met and I never told you...was that really you or am I crazy?πŸ’¨

5. Who is this again? I got 22 phone numbers last night and I'm trying to remember which one you are😎 (send this when you obviously spend a good amount of time with each other and you know she likes you and will know this is a joke).

6. I think you're the first girl I've met in ages who isn't blowing up my phone right after I meet her like some kind of thirsty pig. Are you this relaxed all the time?

7. Can you be honest with me about something? (wait for response, then) Do cheesy pickup lines work on you? Cause my friend just sent a girl "Lets play Barbie. I'll be Ken and you can be the box I come in" and I told him he was an idiot...

8. If you had talked to me first, what would you have said to try and pick me up?

9. Omg I forgot to tell you what that girl next to us said to a guy who was hitting on her after you left! (wait for response, then don't text her until she starts begging.) Then tell her: She was like "Oh hell nah, you look like some kinda Blurple Urkle! 😳

10. So.... real babies or mouth pregnancies forever? Choose 1.

11. If I ever give you the silent treatment do you promise to realize I'm dumping you and go away forever??? lol

12. Most girls fall in love with me really quickly so I decided we should be pen-pals first and send each other typewriter messages in the mail like every 6 months or so. Whaddya say?

13. I have a "3 dates before hand holding" rule, just a heads-up. Do you have any rules I should know about???

14. It was great meeting you tonight! I think we're gonna be the best FRIENDS like ever in the world ever... πŸ˜‰

15. This has all the makings of the nastiest breakup ever... So I gotta ask, are you more into throwing and breaking things during a breakup, or are you more of a like "pee all over his car" type of girl?

16. I say we start this whole thing out by just having really unhealthy communication so we can fight a lot and hate each other... and then I'll just blame it all on you and you can blame everything on me too. Cool?

17. Wait, you don't have like Super AIDS or SARS or like those new red dots or anything, right?

18. I think we should probably go on like 22 dates before we get physical, cool?

19. You're not allowed yet to have dirty thoughts about me at work okay?... promise? (make sure you know when she's working and try to send this during her work time).

20. (To a girl you haven't slept with yet) you were amazing last night... I can't believe you did that thing with the thing... can I tell my friends???

21. So are you more like a player or like a clinger? I gotta prepare myself here...😜

22. Hey little shrimp, it's your shrimp daddy... (wait for response, then) i'm gonna butter you up and eat you for supper.πŸ˜‹
One of the toughest situations in texting is when you've already sent her a text that she hasn't responded to. These text message ideas address that seemingly negative situation in a confident, unaffected manner.
1. The correct response was "You're the hottest most amazing guy ever, (your name)...

2. Uhhhh... ???

3. ???

4. Geeez... Okay hold on here a sec while I switch into mean mode for you from here on out...πŸ™„

5. Just for that every text I send you now will have zero way to respond. You're gonna love it.πŸ˜‚

6. "..." gif. There's a meme online that you can send that looks like you're typing her a message but just keeps flashing forever until it pisses her off. To use it, go to THIS WEBSITE and save the image that appears to your phone, then simply text it to anyone with an iPhone.

7. You're like so totally falling off my radar right now...😏

8. I'm officially deleting you from my MySpace friends. Your dreams of my top 8 are over!!!😑

9. Please tell me you're not one of those 4am text me for molly girls and you're just messed up or something right now...

10. Why are you being such a girl right now?

11. You make me feel a certain way about you (she'll say what's that, and you say) uncertainπŸ™„

12. Are you high right now? wtf

13. I had a dream about you (her: what was it?) that you were cool

14. I bet later when I dump you you'll be texting me back quicker than this... πŸ˜‚

15. "Space Force to (her name), come in (her name)"...πŸš€
Whether you haven't texted with a girl for 3 days, 30 days, or 300 days, sending these text messages will reintroduce her to your personality in a comfortable way so she feels almost like you've never been apart.
1. Uhhh, did you forget about me? I haven't gotten any flowers or chocolates from you lately...(This is the best one on this list!)

2. I just saw this beat up old dirty half eaten cheeseburger all smushed on the ground next to a smelly homeless guy... for some reason I thought of you...

3. So my grandma just out of nowhere called me and told me she's okay with the whole transgender thing. (wait for response, then) Where do you think that could've come from???

4. My weekend can beat up your weekendπŸ’ͺ

5. Yooo, so my phone broke, lost your number, Sarah's boyfriend broke up with her, Jenny lost her purse 100 times, and Molly keeps puking in the bushes on a repeated basis. Where have you been for all of this???

6. Checkout how much fun I'm having without you!!!😜(send a pic of you at some cool place or event surrounded by people)

7. See??? I'm like the best at keeping up with friends...

8. For the record, I emotionally enjoy you... I promise😎

9. So am I on your to-do list or what, lady?

10. You can fall from a mountain, you can fall from a tree, but the best way to fall is to fall in love with me... (wait for response to this complete cheesiness, then no matter what she says use any number of these) ...and my extremely handsome face, polished abs, incredible physique, amazing life, cool friends, leather-bound book collection, etc...

11. Roses are red, violets are blue. Wanna buy me some flowers? I could use a nice arrangement in my entry foyer...

12. So can you bake pies? I could use a good pie right about now...

13. So...what's your real hair color?

14. Wine. We need wine. Stat. And talking...
We all want to ask a girl out in a relaxed, cool way so that going on a date or hanging doesn't seem like it's too big of a deal to her. Sending her these text messages will take the pressure off of her so it's easier for her to say yes to you.
1. Soo... Red wine or white? And if you say tequila then you don't get to meet my mom like ever...

2. If you buy me nice stuff and take me around in your fancy car then there's a good chance I'll give it up in like 8 dates... What do you drive anyway? And don't say uber... (then after she responds) KK cool, then come pick me up dammit! I'm hungry!

3. Sooo... we've been texting like 86,000 days now. Do you wanna grab a drink like normal people do, or...?

4. (after hours) Hey i know this great after hours spot where they serve amazing food and wine all night, wanna go? (then when she responds)... actually nothing's going on so I was talking about all of us heading to my spot. You down?

5. Hey I've been really excited to head to this thing tomorrow, it's (insert activity or spot). Wanna roll with me? (And if you don't have an event, google events in your city dum dum!)

6. You're gonna have to try like really really hard with me. Cool? (then after she responds) Let's start by you bringing me a pizza. See you in 45?😜

7. We can hit your side of town tonight if you promise to plan the whole thing and show me around... no sex though, so don't even try!😎

8. If you play your cards right I might let you get physical with me after like 9 dates... so, promise you'll be on your best behavior??? (then after she responds) so what are you in the mood for? I was thinking we could (insert place/activity that YOU want to do).

9. Headed to a party right now. If you can make it you can bring your friends and if not just tell them I never invited you because you think i'm with another girl... cool?

10. I'm in a pretty chill mood tonight so I was thinking we could just grab some overly expensive takeout and have a glass of wine at my place... whaddya say?

11. So I bought a van and I'm gonna drive down your block soon and see if you wanna jump in. Candy or puppies? (then when she responds) Ha! Well I actually am feeling like getting out for a minute... Should I come grab you or you wanna meet somewhere maybe? I'm thinking we could (insert activity).

12. I think there's a monster under my bed right now. Come and save me. Bring pizza and like a flashlight lol...

13. I didn't believe in love at first sight until I saw you and how rich your dad is. Wanna go shopping?πŸ€‘

14. I really feel like making someone's mouth pregnant tonight. What are you up to? (Be careful with this one! It's meant for VERY edgy guys so use at your own risk. You might even put a 😜 after it to calm it down).

15. Do me a favor and see how much money is in your purse would you? I wanna see if you have enough to take me to this lunch spot I wanna checkout...
There are 5 different formats to deliver messages through your phone:
1. Text or Online Message – These are still the most common way people deliver messages to each other.

2. Audio Message – Recording your voice and sending it communicates more information than a text message and therefore is often less confusing and more personal.

3. Video Message – Video messages are a great way to communicate even more information than text messages or audio messages.

4. Meme/Gif – Memes are creative, playful, fun, and entertaining ways to communicate information and flirt with a girl. I like to send gif's as a creative way to show exaggerated emotional reactions to whatever the person sent me last.

5. Snapchat – Snapchat is a great way to send shorter, sometimes sequential video messages.
Most of the text messaging ideas in this article can be delivered in any one of the 5 formats above.
  • Step 1 – Choose a text message or idea from the list
  • Step 2 – Choose a delivery format from the 5 formats above
For example, you might choose
  • A text message to reinitiate contact with her using Snapchat
  • A text to ask her out using your phone's audio recorder
  • A Meme or even a simple image to send her when she's not responding to you
Here's what to do NEXT:
Save this URL to your phone and to your computer. The next time you are texting a girl and can't think of something to send her, try out one of the messages on this list or deliver your message in a new format (for instance, if you always message, you might send a snapchat instead this time).

With this list at your disposal... you should never run out of ideas for messages to sent her again!
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