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I used to be an electrical engineer.  I worked on jets. 
In 2007 I quit my engineering career and moved to Hollywood. 

I walked up to over 25,000 women and started talking.  
I used my nerdy engineering brain to figure out women, and then I spend many years of my life putting everything onto this website right here...
No one figures out women on their own, not even me.  

That's why I'm extremely proud to bring you this website, and I would truly like to thank you for your consideration in using me as your trusted advisor."
Here is What They Say...
"It's just brought a new found level of self-esteem and confidence and power back into my life. I'm no longer feeling like i'm at the effect of everything that's going on with women."

"I'm not getting lucky anymore... things are making sense."
"I was looking for some confidence and I wanted to get my look together. Jake gave me a makeover and I wasn't too into the shirt he had picked out for me, but EVERYONE was complementing me on it! It was a pretty big hit..."

Girlfriend Fastlane is ideal for you if you have asked yourself these questions:
  • Are all these websites and is all this advice the same?
  • Will I ever find someone who actually cares about me?
  • Why can't girls see me for who I really am?
  • Can't I get good with women without buying endless amounts of expensive products?
  • Why isn't there a way to learn dating in a few months instead of years and years?
If you've asked yourself any of these questions and you are tired of struggling with women, then it's time to stop this today!
So that you CAN...
Use the Video tutorials, Membership Forum, and Private Chat to maximize your results and solve your most pressing problems... FAST.
  • Replace your anxiety with peace and preparedness
  • Eagerly approach women when you're out because you have a positive expectation 
  • Attract women with Dominant Role-Playing (the holy grail technique)
  • Execute the most chill, perfect Number Closes and get real phone numbers
  • Text her the right thing at the right time on the right day to get real dates, not just responses...
  • Relax and enjoy your "First 3 Dates" that lead to a close almost every time
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