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The Ultimate List of Text Message Ideas
Looking for text message ideas? You've come to the right place.
The Ultimate List of Text Message Ideas.
Get access to 4 core topics, each representing a goal you might be trying to reach with a woman you're messaging.
  • Texts to send after getting her number
  • Texts to send when she's not responding
  • Texts to send to reinitiate contact after not messaging for 3 days or more
  • Texts to send to ask her out
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20 Mar 2020
Online dating is both simpler and more complex than ever. Get it right and you'll have more women than you ever dreamed of having, and get it even the slightest bit wrong and you'll fall into "the pit of mental despair" before you know it...
10 Dec 2019
Do girls know when guys are checking them out, even when the girls don't appear to notice? If so, how does this make the girl feel and how does it affect the man's chances? Also, if a man approaches a woman and...
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About Jake Payton
Jake Pyton
Jake grew up as a clueless math geek in Iowa. He later used that math skill to become an Electrical Engineer, designing jets for years. At 27 years old and after years of frustration with dating, he attended a Brad P. workshop in early '07. About 6 months later Jake was asked to attend another workshop where Brad analyzed his progress and hired him as an assistant instructor. Jake immediately wowed students with his amazing live demonstrations with women and his keen insights into dating, and Brad quickly asked Jake to move to Hollywood and be the Head Coach and Lead Instructor of the Pickup Mansion project.

Jake moved to Hollywood at the end of 2008. Shortly after coming to Hollywood, Brad P. was named the top dating instructor in the world. Brad's opinion at that time of Jake was: "I would put Jake's game up against anyone's game in the whole industry." Together for the next 6+ years Brad and Jake taught the Pickup Mansion Students in Hollywood, spoke to hundreds of students at live conferences, and taught workshops all over the United States and Europe. Jake is responsible for the creation of many cutting edge dating techniques and verbal routines that many of Jake's early students now teach to students of their own.
Jake has taught right alongside almost every "Big Name" instructor in the dating industry, and while they sit on the sidelines not talking to women and taking it easy during their very own workshops, Jake has been in the "trenches" talking with women, demonstrating his skills live, over and over, for his students, beating the streets, and seeking out every last bit of education and experience that he can possibly get. That's the most unique thing about Jake. He's still in practice.

To this day you can find him out in Hollywood 3+ nights a week gaming, and he's still one of the best dating instructors in the world. Jake's pride lies in the work he does with his students and the progress they make. His genius insights into what works come from years of experience in talking with thousands and thousands of women. Jake is responsible for nine marriages, two of which he predicted before the student had met the woman. "See that girl? You're gonna marry her."

In addition to marriages, Jake is responsible for helping hundreds of other men reach their dating goals. Whether for lust or love, Jake is one of the most qualified men in the world at being able to handle your dating wants and needs.
Jake Pyton
Here is What They Say...
"This whole process has helped me to understand what it is to be a man who is in control and knows how to handle all these situations were put in with women. it's brought a new found level of self esteem, confidence, and power back into my life."
"I was looking for some confidence and I wanted to get my look together. Jake gave me a makeover and I wasn't too into the shirt he had picked out for me, but EVERYONE was complementing me on it! It was a pretty big hit..."
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