Here's How To Date Online Without All the Hassle and Bullshit

Online Dating
Online dating is both simpler and more complex than ever.  Get it right and you'll have more women than you ever dreamed of having, and get it even the slightest bit wrong and you'll fall into "the pit of mental despair" before you know it.

Don't worry though, you can make this process very easy on yourself by choosing from two simple options each step of the way!  Those two options are:

1.  Do it yourself
2.  Get help if it's not working

It's simple!  If you can do it on your own, then do it and move on to the next step in the process. If you can't do it on your own or what you're doing isn't working, then it's time for help.

Most guys get confused and mess this up.  They try to do things themselves and when it doesn't work they lose motivation and end up procrastinating and quitting.

Remember, your motivation to achieve is very closely linked with how likely you believe you are to succeed.  So when you do it yourself and it doesn't work over and over, your motivation drops to zero and you stop completely.

Don't be like most guys who lose motivation and stop.  

Instead, try option number two where you get some help!  When you do that, you'll restore your belief that you can succeed in online dating and then your motivation will magically return.  Viola!

So, summing this up:  do it yourself when you can, and if something isn't working then get help.  Simple.  

You can do this, and if you're having difficulty then I'm here for you!  We can make it work for you, so don't get discouraged!  

Got it?  Okay, let's get going...

Dating Is Marketing Yourself
First of all, it's important to understand that online dating is simply marketing yourself to women.  If you want to do an effective job of this, you should know both what you're offering and who you want to offer it to.  The more precise you can be about this, the better results you're going to have.  So, if you're a guy who knows yourself well and you know how you want to present yourself, then you're off to a fantastic start!  

However, if you're like most of us and it's tough for you to understand precisely what you're offering women and how to offer it, then it's time to get an expert assessment so that your path forward is clear.  

Do not underestimate the importance of this! 

CLICK HERE to signup for your free expert assessment!

I'll spend 30 minutes with you to make sure you understand the best way to present yourself.  

Step 1 - Look Your Best
Once you understand what you're marketing yourself as and who you're marketing yourself to, it's time to put that plan into action by looking your best.  

Looking your best is about understanding who you are and then communicating that through your appearance.  I want you to be a perfect version of your plan so that women take one look at you and immediately stereotype you as who you really are (the good version, I mean). 

When you look amazing, people start to believe that you must have a great life and wonderful personality characteristics.  This is called the "halo effect," and it's the same thing that happens when you look at a hot girl and you assume her life must be amazing and she has everything figured out.  

The reality here is that nobody really has all this figured out.  However, when you look your best and utilize the halo effect, you will definitely maximize your chances at attracting wonderful women into your life.  

There are three components to looking great:

1.  Your Body / Physique
2.  Your Clothing 
3.  Your Grooming

Let's talk about these:

Your Body - Your body is your platform for looking good, and although there are measures for changing your body like exercise, medicine, or plastic surgery, for the most part your body is static:  it doesn't change all that much.  For this reason, the "end goal" for you body is simply to be in the habit of taking care of it through diet and exercise.  Once the habit is established, your goal has been reached.  

Your Clothing - I want you looking perfect. I want your clothes to communicate who you are so that when a girl starts talking to you she already understands what type of guy you are.  As you might imagine, this takes some fashion sense.  If you have it, then great!  If not, then you can signup for a makeover HERE

Your Grooming - Again, I want you looking perfect.  When's the last time you checked out your ear hair?  What's the best haircut or facial hair situation for you?  If you're on top of this stuff, then great!  if not, then you can handle that during your makeover or you can signup for a grooming appointment HERE.

Step 2 - Get Great Pictures of Yourself

Once you look great, it's time to get some amazing pictures of yourself for your profile.  Remember:

Amazing pictures are the most important part of your dating profile!

If you're producing top quality photos of yourself for social media already then this step is easy for you and you can move to the next step.  

However, If you're like me and getting great photos of yourself seems impossible, then it's time to get a professional to do it for you.

Getting professional photos from a photographer is easy when you know the right person to go to, and there is such a high reward from having amazing profile photos that you simply must get this done for yourself!  If not, you risk not attracting women or worse yet you risk attracting low quality women and wasting huge amounts of time and effort on them.

Make things easy on yourself and take action by signing up for your professional photoshoot HERE

Step 3 - Create Your Profiles 
Once you have a clear plan for how to market yourself to women and you have great pictures for your profile, you're almost there!  

To create your profile you're likely going to need a written "blurb" describing yourself.  This is the paragraph that you write about yourself, and most guys mess this up badly.  


Because women really read into what you write and will "next" you instantly for making almost any mistake.  

Too boring?     "Next."
Too try-hard?   "Next." 
Not cool?          "Next."  
Not funny?       "Next."  

The possibilities for mistakes are endless.  Even bad grammar can mess up your chances. 

Luckily, I personally help members write their own profiles on our members forum! You simply sign up, login, and I can help you on the forum or using private chat.  It's easy and it's included with your membership.  

To explore membership options and become a member CLICK HERE. 

Step 4 - Start Sending Messages
Same gig as before.  If you have stuff you like to send, then great.  Get out there and go for it!

If you're gonna need some help with this, then we got you covered.  We've clearly mapped out a simple system of messaging that you can get HERE.  
Author: Jake Payton
Jake Payton is a Dating Expert based in Hollywood, CA and has been helping men reach their dating goals since 2007.  

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